Two Nipple Vacuum Suckers

The Nipple Suckers from Hell

Color me embarrassed, I tend to like a little nipple play. By a little nipple play I mean I need a lot of nipple play. In order to get to the state of mind that puts me over the edge, the one that makes me erupt into a fire hose of man juice, I require a ton of nipple play. Lately however I just wasn’t getting the play I needed.

I realized it was the time to seek out a way to get a more constant sensation. I needed my nipples to be sucked, hard, constantly. My slaves just weren’t fulfilling me anymore an giving me the suction I needed to become a blathering mess of an adult man and ultimately come out victorious like a gladiator.

Nipple Twisters

I thought I found the solution to my woes, the Nipple Vacuums I found on Amazon. I didn’t have to wait long, they arrived in two days and I was instantly erect when I heard the sound of the UPS man pulling up. I tore open the box and the packaging faster than I have ever before – before I knew it my shirt was on the ground and I was licking the opening of the vacuum for maximum pressure.

My Transformation

Maybe I just liked them too much. With COVID I was wearing them around the house all the time. I started wearing shirts over them as well just for the extra abrasion. When I say all the time, I mean all the time. I was getting off all the time too. It was a pandemic miracle to be perfectly honest. I was getting ridiculous with my obsession of having my nipples tugged and sucked away at.

Everything was fine for a few weeks. I slowly built up some tolerance and like the Torque De Amada I turned the screws up more. Over the span of five days I adjusted five times. The thumb screws came in handy for this as well as for an additional tug and twerk away at the sensitive and longer nipple I started to develop.

Longer wasn’t even the right word, engorged was the constant state. My nipples turned quickly from two tiny male nipples into a nice womanly shaped areolas. First they looked like those of a porn star but when I took the vacuums off to shower I was getting a more comical look. Engorged and bulbous, when I looked down I enjoyed that my nipples were growing.

Udderly Ridiculous
What a peculiar situation.

What I didn’t expect was what came next. As I cranked up the pressure and the vacuum turned from a Hoover to a Shop Vac on my chest I lost the volume of the nipple I was coming to expect. When they were out of the pump they were sensitive to the touch and a tongue across them would drive me wild. When I reached maximum pressure this stopped, I found less joy and the attractiveness of my nipples began to decline.

Wikimedia Image of Marilyn Monroe
The dream bosom

My girlish nipple-figure suddenly became that to mimic a cow. I no longer looked down and saw a Marilyn Monroe like nipple, instead I saw two hanging udders. I was horrified. My slave was coming any moment to give me what I would call the ultimate nipple job and that morning I couldn’t even reveal these nipples to a grandmother. No one would want to see me, I was repulsive.

It pained me but I knew what I had to do. Put myself off the nipple vacuums. They were destroying my nipples, causing lots of pain and embarrassment, they were destroying my life. Again, it’s hard to admit, but my nipples are a big part of my life.

Now after just a few months my nipple sensation has returned to normal and their shape has been improved. Thankfully this nightmare is over and though I still have an enlarged set of nipples I can rest comfortably knowing I can get nipple play without the pain and regret of forcing them into the vacuum pump.

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